Extruder grain CZE-150

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Сhurn LNM-60 (cold-pressed)

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Granulator 600

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Line filtration of vegetable oils, P-6

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Line filtration of vegetable oils, P-4

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About the company

Quality time-tested and almost 20 years of experience!

Enterprise Lavrin - Ukrainian manufacturer of equipment for the production of vegetable oils and grain, namely: Oil-presses screw, line filtration of vegetable oils, corn extruder, extruder soybean, granulators (feed and pellets), and screw conveyors, separators, Peelers, calibrator seeds ( Seeds cleaning).

Within 20 years, the company manufactures devices for the processing of agricultural products for small and medium-sized farms. Equipment producing PE "Lavrin" compares favorably with other simple operation, light weight and compact size with high performance.

Advantages equipment companies:
- High performance with small dimensions;
- Does not require capital construction;
- Deadlines installation and commissioning;
- Quick start and stop;
- Low residual oil content in the cake.

Extruders grain CZE-20, CZE-40, CZE-75, CZE-95; Extruder from tractor PTO, CZE-150, CZE-170, CZE-200, CZE-350, CZE-500, designed for the manufacture of feed by extrusion processing of feed grains (wheat, rye, barley, corn, peas, and soybeans). Extruders are available capacity: 20 kg / hr to 500 kg / hour. Power consumption: from 2.2 kW to 55 kW. Weight of 80 to 980 kg. Extruder cereal grain prepares for feeding pigs, cattle and other domestic animals.

Using the extruder grain allows you to:

- Improve the digestibility of the feed with 45% (with traditional processing of grain) to 90-95%;

- Increase the average daily gain of pigs for 15,7-27%, reduce feed consumption (including feed-deficient animal origin);

- Reduce the mortality of piglets due to sharp (2-17 times) reduction of the grain of bacteria and fungi.

Oil-presses, screw LNM 130 LNM 220, LNM 450, capacity 130, 220, 450 kg / h by single pressing, without pretreatment of the raw material, which makes it possible to produce oil from seeds: sunflower, soybean, canola (rape), mustard, flax, and other crops that contain oil. With the help of the press is guaranteed, you can get the top grade oil (unrefined).

From all the above equipment should be noted heated raw capacity of 220 kg. sunflower hour. It uses a triple spin, heated before serving raw Oil-presses. Heated feedstock allows to raise the percentage of vegetable oil to reduce the presence of solids therein, and to reduce the oiliness meal 10-13% of its weight. Oil-presses screw LNM-220 can be also used for the extraction of oil from the seeds, which after purification on line filtering "LF" may be used as raw material for the production of biodiesel.

Process enables to save all nutrients (proteins, vitamins, carotenoids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, etc.) in the final product. Power Consumption Oil-presses screw is: 7.5, 11, 22 kW. Weight from 280 kg to 1000 kg.

Line filter (LF) priznacheny for filtration of vegetable oils and ensure its mechanical purification and paraffins in accordance with the requirements of GOST for premium olii.Liniya filtering can be used for fine cleaning, in-line refining complete with optional equipment at an ambient temperature within +10 +40 ° C and humidity not more than 87%.

Ltd. Lavrin also produces:

- Screw conveyors and various productivity.

- Lines of soybean processing capacity of 150, 300 kg / h.

- Mixer feed

- Granulators,

- Separators

- Plants seeds hulling.

Please! You can actually pay for quality!


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Enterprise "Lavrin" for 20 years produces equipment for the processing of agricultural products for small and medium-sized farms:
- Line filtration...




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